Iaido is a Japanese martial art of wielding the sword which has been practiced continuously from ancient times until present day. The primary focus of the art is the drawing, cutting, and resheathing the katana while maintain a high state of awareness of both surroundings and self. Practice in iaido is structured towards the development of zanshin (a calm reflective mind).

Visitors and Guest

We also welcome visiting Iaido practitioners to train with us during your stay in Indianapolis. We are proud to have forged relationships with many Iaido groups across the country as well as around the world.

Dojo Affiliation

The Indianapolis Iaido is affiliated with Jikishin-kai USA which is officially recognized by the Kokusai Nippon Budo Kai (KNBK). For more information about the KNBK, please visit

Important Information about KNBK Iaido:


When you sign up for Iaido you are also able to practice in other martial arts at the Indianapolis Aikikai.  Please go here to pay monthly dues.

Mat Dues

  • Adult – $50.00 each month
  • Family – $75.00 each month

Yearly membership due to the Kokusai Nippon Budo Kai (KNBK).

  • Kyu Membership (ranks below blackbelt): $15.00 yr
  • Dan Membership (Black Belts): $25.00 yr


We share dojo space with the Indianapolis Aikikai at 2060 East 54th Street, Suite 7, Indianapolis, Indiana 46220.


Thursday: 7 – 8 pm

Saturday: 10 – 11:30 am

We expect to expand the training time in the future.  Please check back!


If you are a beginner, we have equipment you can use to try Iaido prior to purchasing any equipment and deciding to join the group.  To begin practicing Iaido please wear loose fitting clothes such as sweatpants.

Equipment used in Iaido:

  • Wooden Sword:
    • Bokken – Wooden sword
    • Tsuba – The guard for the wooden bokken
    • Saya – Sheath for the bokken
  • Iaido – Unsharpened sword based on the height of the user.

Recommendations for when you decide to purchase Iaido equipment:

  • Tozandoshop – A dealer for Iaido swords (unsharpened), uniforms
  • Bujin design – Maker of Hakama and bokken.
  • E-Bogu – Provides equipment for traditional Japanese martial arts


You are not required to have a gi (white martial arts uniform) to start practicing Iaido. When you are ready to purchase one we can help you with recommendations. Until that time you should wear loose-fitting clothing that covers your knees. Normal gym attire (sweats and a t-shirt) are fine.In addition to the gi, Iaido practitioners wear hakama (skirt-like pants). The hakama is a traditional piece of Japanese clothing while the standard gi, worn in Iaido as well as in other martial arts such as Judo or Karate, originally functioned as underclothing. Wearing the hakama is required once you determine to become a member and practice.


If you have any question, please contact Chris Kupiainen Sensei at